Slum Songs in the Sun was broadcast again on BBC 4 Extra recently. I first wrote this memoir in 2014 but the BBC have broadcast the programme several times since then. It’s part of the series Writing Lives and tells the story about my experiences at a school in one of the worst slums in Kenya, East Africa.

I have never forgotten this inspirational community who manage to exist under the toughest circumstances in a vast ghetto in Kibera, just outside Nairobi. So it’s great that this story about their love and courage is still so popular.

You can listen to the story here

Here is some feedback from some fellow writers about the story:

“Poignant story – elegantly told.”

Tim Franks, Thriller & Historical Fiction Writer

“I have just listened to your beautiful story: what a perfect, poignant ending.”

Olga Dermott, Poet & Flash Fiction Writer

“So beautifully written. Poised, perfectly paced and very well performed.”

Louise Palfreyman, short fiction writer

“It’s a stunning and moving story.”

Liz Kershaw, short story writer & crime fiction writer