I recently performed at the first StoryVibes of 2019, wearing my storytelling hat. The show was held in its new, regular, haunt – Artefact art gallery, in South Birmingham.

It was an eclectic mix of stories, spoken word and music, that featured the fascinating storyteller Cindylou Turner-Taylor. She performed Sawdust & Silk, a Cinderella tale set in 1930’s England.

Cindy vividly described the adventures of Harry Arthur Lewis…’compelled by poverty to leave his family home and seek work in the circus.‘ It was a poignant love story, laced with tales of courage, wisdom and adventure.



Later, I told the story of A Fish Called Wobbly – one of my most popular true-life tales.

It’s the tale of a plucky silver-ghost koi that defies all odds and, literally, refuses to ‘give up the ghost’!

Jane, your story was fab! You were funny and captivating. Loved it!

Sharon Carr – Founder, StoryVibes