Centre Stage Touring

Stoke Golding Village – Nuneaton

Tonight was a chance to perform a set of some of the true-life stories I have performed over the years, in a two-hander 90-min show.

I was performing with author/storyteller Cat Weatherill who also sang a number of audience favourites. We had a hall packed full of people from the surrounding villages who  gave us a very warm reception.


Afterwards, the audience were encouraged to write feedback in a book of comments which confirmed that they’d enjoyed the show.

We told a variety of true-life stories designed to amuse, entertain and move. And there were free chocolates too! Although one audience member later wrote…


‘What a joy! Two excellent storytellers, so different in style, who complimented each other perfectly.’

‘I was so enraptured, I didn’t unwrap my truffle!’