After winning multiple awards around the world 7 Days is now available to watch on multiple platforms.

And in May 2020 we’ve just heard that the film is available to watch for free on Discover Films

Since Christmas 2019 it’s been available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime  or more recently on Reelhouse

I still can’t believe that I was part of the cast in this inspirational film by Pixel Revolution Films. I’m delighted it has been so succesful for the amazing directors, producer, and all the crew that worked so hard, on a shoestring and with a lot of love, to make it happen.

Hope you enjoy the trailer above…and if you want to see behind the scenes of how the talented Higgins brothers made all the special effects, including adding backgrounds to simple sets – for example see here where I’m hanging up the washing as Dave’s mum!

See details and reviews here – pixel revolution films