Through her work, Jane regularly meets emerging writers who are in the process of writing their debut novel.

This is a long process that requires rigorous drafting and redrafting before the manuscript is ready to send to a publisher, or to launch as a self-published e-book.

When the manuscript has reached the final stages, it is important to know it is ready for presentation. The market is highly competitive and does not allow room for spelling mistakes, poor grammar, or weak structure.

Through her own experience as a published writer, and in sharing work with a diverse range of emerging writers through Room 204 @ Writing West Midlands, Jane has developed the skills of proofing, editing and restructuring the novels of first-time authors. She is able to offer this expertise on an occasional basis, to writers who may be new to the literary world, or even writing in English as a second language – correcting, reshaping and suggesting editorial that is consistent with a professional presentation.

Jane’s latest project has involved helping the director of a youth charity in Birmingham bring his dream of writing the chidren’s novel Jonah’s Doorway to the point where he can confidently self-publish.

Thank you so much for all your hard work getting us to this stage. You have been absolutely amazing, and I have been very impressed with your editing skills and patience, and for being extremely easy to work with.’

John Street, director and founder, Free@Last