Through her own experience as a published writer, Jane regularly meets emerging writers who are in the process of writing their first novel. They have drafted and redrafted their manuscript and now need a professional eye to help them with its final presentation.

In an increasinlgy competitive market, there is no room for spelling mistakes, poor grammar or weak structure. Jane is therefore able to use her skills to help writers with proof-reading, editing and restructuring. Her input enables budding authors to confidently send their work to an agent or publisher. It also is essential for those who want to self-publish.

“Jane’s attention to detail is impeccable. She is thorough and her sensitivity to cultural nuances is helpful because she picks up on details other readers miss. Her biggest gift, however, is sounding out the text. When I read the edited version of the book, I can ‘hear’ it and it sounds so much better for all the work she has done. I highly recommend her services.”


Some of those who have recently found Jane’s work helpful include the director of a youth charity in Birmingham who wanted to fulfil his dream of self-publishing a chidren’s novel, and an international writer who is launching a fascinating memoir about her childhood in Azerbaijan.

“Thank you so much for all your hard work getting us to this stage. You have been absolutely amazing, and I have been very impressed with your editing skills and patience, and for being extremely easy to work with.”

John Street, director and founder, Free@Last

If you would like help with proofing or editing your book, do get in touch on and I’ll get straight back to you.

please note: because I have such a broad range of clients, my fees reflect that. It also depends on the quality of your final draft.  Some manuscripts need more work than others. Remember, the tighter you can make your work, before sending it out, the better.